1-When will the products be delivered upon order by the customer?

Ordered products( if they are not available within the inventories of “BTM Mağazacılık A.Ş” Corp.) will be delivered to us quickly and after it enters into “BTM Mağazacılık A.Ş” inventories; it will be sent to you through cargo company within following 2 days. After the product is sent; it will have been delivered to the customer within 5 days.

2-Why did my order delay? What can i do?

When ordered, the products can be traced at “SALES” section’s DELIVERIES part. To learn about the situation with your orders if their procurement duration is due already, you can call our center at 0212 252 26 85 / 0212 252 97 85 to learn about procurement status of the products.

1-How will the invoice be delivered?

Your invoice shall be sent to you within 30 days from the date of sale, and your commission shall be deposited to the account you have previously specified.

2-When my customer wants to send product(s) can he write different addresses for “Invoice address and Delivery address“?

During order process, the system will ask you to enter invoice address and then delivery address. 2 addresses can be specified differently from each other at this stage, by the customer.

3-The invoice has been issued but the customer wants to change the address, what should i do?

REQUESTS for address change can only be accepted via REGISTERED MAIL. You can direct the customer to our call center at 0-216-404 11 33 about this issue.


1-When i order products for gifts , will there be a “Guarantee/ Guarantee Certificate“?

Any product you can order will have a guarantee by the seller and manufacturer companies. For any failures which can occur after firm and proper customer delivery of the product, the customer needs to create a record with the authorized staff by calling 0-216-404 11 33.

2-My customer wants to return the product he had bought. What can i do?

Within 7 days from delivery; the customer can return the product by calling -0-216-404 11 33 if the situation meets below criteria. 
   -Returned products have to be definitely unused and in its original box/packing. All standard accessories must be sent along with the product, undamaged and complete.
   -Similarly the invoice has to be included in the pack along with the product.

8- I have been sent the wrong product. What should i do?

If the product you wanted was mistaken for another one during the processing of the delivery for whatsoever reason, you can send the unused product in its undamaged packing via “Aras Kargo” to “BTM MAĞAZACILIK A.Ş” address. The actual product you had meant to buy shall be sent when we receive the product which you send.


1-How much cargo fee shall i pay?

In this franchise model where we offer “Dropshipping” service; the cargo fee shall be paid by the customer, via the sold product(s). All sales shall be made excluding cargo fee.

 2-How can i track my cargo and delivery process?

Ordered products shall be delivered to delivery address of the customer via cargo company. Admin panel has “Sales” section under which you can find “my orders” segment and here you can track delivery status and order status. OR you can call our call center at 0-216-404 11 33 and learn.