Payment Terms

  • By clicking the product details section of the order which you would like to order; you can see the price and all other product information.
  • Also the payment options, installment options and rates can be seen on installment table given on this section.
  • Click “Buy” button.
  • When you wish to see the sum for your order; you can click “re-calculate” button.
  • You can increase or decrease the number of items for each product in your order, and you can cancel any product by clicking delete next to it.
  • Before you finish with your shopping(by clicking “continue” button) you will see the invoice and delivery addresses which you had specified during the membership process, and you will see sales agreement.
  • Please check.
  • Those who do not accept the sales agreement cannot buy from our website.
  • As you progress you will see the boxes where your credit card information should be entered. For credit card payments; if you type-in these properly, very soon, you will be notified with a message from your bank including your payment confirmation, provision confirmation or order “successful”.
  • If you see “provision failure”, “transaction failed” or “an error occurred”; it means the corresponding balance is not available in your account, therefore your payment process failed.
  • If you mark it as “money transfer” at the section relating form of payment; you will find that a window showing the account numbers and explanations will appear. If you perform money transfer or EFT within 3 days; the process will be completed.



Credit Card Safety

Our top priority is the safety of the credits card of the online shoppers. The web site has a Credit Cards Fraud Department which deals with credit card fraud attempts by means of checking payment,invoice,delivery addresses of the orders. Accordingly, the customers who order from our website(s) for the first time; the bank should confirm the authenticity of their address, phone number and financial information for the order to reach at procurement and delivery stages. Where required; credit card holder is contacted accordingly. Our SSL certified website, uses the most common online payment infrastructure of Turkey which is Garanti e-commerce Virtual POS system as well as virtual POS devices of Maximum Card and Akbank. Independent from the shopping websites; SSL will encrypt your credit card information through 128 bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol, and then the data is sent to the corresponding bank for data analysis. If the usability of the card is confirmed, shopping process will continue. Due to the fact that there is definitely no way for us to be able to view and/or record the credit card information, third parties cannot under any circumstances access such information. The lock icon on the lower-right hand side of the screen where you would enter your credit card information indicates that the page is encrypted through SSL and when you click on this icon you can see the company which performs the encryption.


Garanti Bankası
İstanbul - Kavacık-389
Account Holder: On-Net Turizm Dış Ticaret ve Danışmanlık A.Ş.
Account Currency Type: TL Account
IBAN No: TR15 0006 2000 3890 0006 2955 52

For this one, the receipt has to be submitted to us by fax or e-mail.

Finally, the screen for virtual store order and payment process. The product you have ordered, means of payment, cargo delivery date, contact information and the order no.approved by the system shall appear here.

Please remember to note the order no.and other details.


After the shopping process is completed you will see a receipt on the screen. An automated e-mail showing that your order has been confirmed and that your order is being processed(for delivery) shall be sent to you.

In case of problem you can call customer representatives at 0212 252 26 85 / 0212 252 97 85.